Charity Challenge spots filling up!

Charity Challenge spots filling up!

>>Newsflash<< all spots are now full.

A little reminder for anyone interested in a Charity Challenge Spot.

Indications from enquiries we are fielding so far, are that the ASICS Kepler Challenge will fill in a matter of minutes as in recent years. In addition, as this is the 25th Year Anniversary of the event, likelihood is that spaces will fill very quickly!
So guarantee your entry and avoid disappointment!

ASICS Kepler Challenge 2011 Starts

ASICS Kepler Challenge 2011 starts

On a calm and fairly warm morning the first runners have passed the Luxmore Hut checkpoint.

In the men's event Martin Lukes reached the hut in a time of 1:09:58 followed by Vajin Armstrong (last year's winner) and Daniel Clendon.

In the women's event Shireen Crumpton (last year's winner) passed Luxmore Hut in 1:21:48 with Vanessa Haverd and Victoria Beck in second and third place.

Track conditions

Kepler track conditions

Most of the track is looking good for Saturday's race. A couple of snowy speed-bumps have been installed just to remind you that you are in an alpine area so watch out for those. The weather will be the one to watch (as always) so make sure you have double-checked your gear.

Survey finds Kiwi

Survey finds kiwi in Te Anau’s backyard

An intensive listening survey for Northern Fiordland brown kiwi (Fiordland tokoeka) on the Kepler track circuit has detected at least 35 individual kiwi living in the area. The November survey, lead by tutor Patrick (Paddy) Stewart and 27 students from Tauranga Polytechnic, set up 15 listening stations around Mt Luxmore tops, and a further 6 listening stations in the Iris Burn Valley.


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