2017 Kepler Challenge & Luxmore Grunt

Great conditions for 2017 FreshCoice Kepler Challenge

We are all still at the finish line waiting for runners to complete the Challenge (and a few for the Grunt).

A brief overview of the race is below.


Kepler Challenge Event – 60km – 2017

In 1st place was Sam McCutcheon, aged 28yrs, in a time of 4:49:50

Sam said to Noel Walker (race commentator) at the finish “It was good and bad and everything in between”.  This is Sam’s 2nd win and third podium finish.

Another Blog from Britta!

Kepler Training

Hope the training is going well. As I’m writing this, the Kepler is 74 days away!

For me, this 10.5 weeks away feels like both a TON of time and no time at all: it’s far enough away that I’m not panicked at the idea of skipping a long run to go skiing, but close enough that as I’m riding the chairlift up the mountain my mind occasionally wanders to the definitive lack of chairlifts to take me up Luxmore.

Britta's Blog

Britta's Blog

Keep an eye out over the next few months for these.

Britta is entered in the 2017 Fresh Choice Kepler Challenge for the first time this year.  She has (very kindly) offered to write some blogs about her experiences.

Below is her first.  Do let us know your thoughts and if you would like to see more!


Hello Kepler Runners, Waitlisters, and Supporters!

Nutrition while training

Race Day Nutrition

Have you started planning your race day nutrition plan?

Training is the ideal time to practice and work towards a solid plan for race day. PURE Sports Nutritionist and co-founder Marewa Sutherland has put together some tips to point you in the right direction read more .

PURE Sports Nutrition is used at all of our aid stations around the course on event day.    

Their PURE Endurance Formula is (finally) back in stock also.  

A Kepler Update!

A Kepler Update

It has been a busy time!

With managing the Charity Challenge entrants, distribution of grants from these entries and the race-day entries on the 1st of July, Our race secretary is doing her best to get through everything. 

We thought it would be good to give you all a bit of an update on where we are at.


We had 12 entrants for the 2017 event  – Thank you! 

2017 Charity Challenge

2017 Charity Challenge

Apply Now!

The Te Anau Community has always been behind the Kepler Challenge event and in 2008 the event organizing committee came up with a novel idea to assist Te Anau in a unique way.

With a limited number of participants each year, competitors are often in limbo on waiting lists and can miss out on the opportunity to run in this stunning event.  In fact some years, the entries have sold out in just minutes!


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