Training programme 2

Andrea Murray was a practicing Sports Physiotherapist - age 30 - and 2001 Kepler Challenge women's winner, with a time of 6 hrs and 2 minutes. Andrea feels this programme is designed for someone who is already very fit before starting Kepler Challenge Training. She feels that training should be a mix of easy pace running with high intensity hill work and faster pace running depending on the level of fitness and increasing throughout the training programme.


Week Time
13x 1hr 30mins
22x 1hr 30mins
1x 2hrs
32x 1hr 30mins
1x 2hrs 30mins
41x 1hr 30mins
1x 2hrs
1x 2hrs 30mins
51x 1hr 30mins
1x 2hrs
1x 3hrs
62x 2hrs
1x 3hrs
72x 2hrs
1x 3hrs 30mins
82x 2hrs
1x 4hrs
91x 1hr
1x 1hr 30mins
1x 4 hrs
102x 2hrs
1x 4hrs
112x 2hrs
1x 4hrs
122x 2hrs
1x 4hrs
131x 2hrs
1x 1hr
1x 5hrs
141x 1hr
2x 2hrs
15Short half hour runs
16Race Day

Andreas Handy Hints

  1. Start early allowing enough time to build up training gradually and to allow time off if injuries develop without affecting fitness too much.
  2. Build rest weeks into programme to allow the body to adapt to the increase in mileage.
  3. On days when not running have a mix of rest days and weights but aim to have 3 long runs per week.
  4. Aim to have the last month before the Taper doing similar mileage to allow the body to comfortably manage the longer distances.