Some frequently asked questions

If you have a question check through the below. If your question isn't answered do please get in touch.

Q. What are the kepler challenge bank details?

A. Westpac Bank
Te Anau Branch
32 Milford Road, Te Anau

Swift Code: WPACNZ2W
Account Name: Kepler Challenge Non Profit Organisation
Account Number: 03 1749 0010854-00

International runners may wish to contact the Race Secretary for alternative payment options.

Q. How do I order a tee shirt/breakfast etc?

A. For current year runners wishing to order an event tee or post-race breakfast(s) please send an email to the Race Secretary with your order: You can then make payment into our account using your name as a reference.
Alternatively use the store on the entries website - you just need to be logged in.

Q. Where do I find my photos?

A. For the 2017 event Photos4Sale will be taking photos of runners. They will be emailing runners directly shortly after the event. See the Event photos page for more info.

Q. What's the withdrawal/refund procedure?

A. Full information on refund dates and withdrawals can be found in the withdrawals and refunds section of the conditions of entry. Should you be unable to compete and wish to withdraw please send us an email at with Kepler Challenge - withdrawal as a subject line.

Once we have withdrawn you you will be sent an email confirming your status and advising you of any refund.

Q. How do I get to Te Anau?

A. Te Anau is reached by road on highway 94 from Mossburn. Details of bus connections and driving times can be found in the Te Anau section of runner's info. Trips and Tramps are also offering Kepler Challenge transfers from Queenstown and Invercargill. For more info read the "Getting Here" page.

Q. What transport options are there from Queenstown, Invercargill, Dunedin?

A. There are bus links from all major towns to Te Anau. There is no scheduled service by air to Te Anau Airport.

Q. What is the compulsory gear?

A. The compulsory gear is laid out in the conditions of entry. It basically comprises a hat, gloves, two thermal tops, leggings, waterproof jacket and trousers, and a survival blanket. For full descriptions and conditions please see the gear list.

Q. What is meant by seam sealed?

A. Seam sealed means that all seams have been taped and heat-sealed (or equivalent process) by the manufacturer similar to Goretex© jackets. For a detailed photo see the gear list.

Q. What constitutes thermal for hat and gloves and tops/bottoms?

A. Garments with thermal properties are considered to be those that wick moisture away from the body while remaining relatively dry and giving a degree of heat-retention. Polypropelene and merino wool fabrics that are close-fitting are examples of this. Cotton is not suitable since it retains moisture and thus acts as a heat-sink.

Q. Are Skins® considered thermal?

A. No. Although Skins® do wick away moisture they do not have thermal heat-retaining properties and CANNOT therefore be accepted as part of the compulsory safety gear.

Q. What is supplied at the checkpoints?

A. Checkpoints have water, re-hydration electrolytes in some form, bananas, oranges, and jellybeans. A small number of checkpoints also have toilets - see the race map. There is also a simple first aid kit - more serious injuries are covered by the helicopter assisted St John's ambulance.

Q. Is there a start list of competitors?

A. The start list is published in the Fiordland Advocate shortly before race day. However as the list changes right up until the day we won't be publishing it here.

Q. Where can I find a training programme?

A. We have posted a few training programmes created by other runners as well as some nutrition guidelines under the runner's info section. While these may suit your needs they are intended as a guide only. If you are at all worried about your training please seek professional advice.

Q. How does the registration and check-in procedure work?

A. You will need to check-in at the Te Anau Real Journeys Community Events Centre when you arrive in Te Anau with your gear and reference number. Please note that you may be required to show photo ID.

Attend the runner's pre-race briefing which will be held in the Events Centre at 7.00pm.

On race morning you must check-in again at the race start-finish line.

A fuller description can be read to the right.

Q. Where do I get my hands on the Kepler Book?

A. You can read more about "Calling them home" on the Kepler book ordering page.