The entry process

PLEASE NOTE: The entry process was changed in 2016 and you must be pre-register a Kepler Account in order to enter - this account remains with you from then on.

You should only register ONCE; your Kepler Account lets you view your entries, purchase merchandise or update your details at any time by logging into your account. You will find everything under the "My Account" tabs. Having a Kepler Account doesn't guarantee you an entry... but not having an account guarantees you won't!

Do not re-register for an additional account; you will lose all your related information and will not be eligible for certain medals or the most improved award.

To familiarize you with the entry process here's how it works:

  1. Pre-register a runner account unless you have already registered before. This must be done before pre-registration closes on midnight before Saturday 7th July New Zealand time.
    You can register or check your free account via the Entry forms page or at (note that pre-registration will re-open once the main entry peak on Saturday morning has passed...but you may well have missed out by then!)
    must have a user account to be eligible to enter the FreshChoice Kepler Challenge or FreshChoice Luxmore Grunt.

    - Once registered, keep your Kepler account for life.
    - As such you will need a unique email address per account.
    - Each user account can only be used to enter ONE runner (you) per year. Each individual runner must pre-register.
    - You will also need to provide complete and up-to-date runner details (profile, commentary and medical) each year.
    - Pre-registration does not guarantee you a place - you will need to submit an entry each year.

  2. Read the information regarding conditions of entry, compulsory gear and refunds policy. You should also check to make sure your browser settings are ready too.

  3. On race entry day login at least 30 mins prior to entries opening on Saturday 7th July 2018 on the Entry forms page using your account user name and password, and follow the links to the form of your chosen event. (Tip: you could login the night before and leave the page displayed!) Entry form links will be displayed from 6.30am New Zealand time. Online entry date usually falls on the first Saturday in July and will be confirmed on the registration page.
    Fill in the relevant fields and submit the form and follow instructions. Fields include:
    Previous best time

    Estimated event time
    Medal year

  4. Fields marked * are mandatory and must be completed.

  5. Places will be allocated in the order they are received, and entries will close when all places in the field and on the waitlist have been filled. You will be given notification of your entry status - either a reserved place, waitlisted or unsuccessful - and if successful, notification will be sent to your account email.

  6. If successful on submit a confirmation message will appear and a reserved or waitlisted entry will be added to your account. You can now safely logout to allow another runner to enter with their account. We prefer you to log out at this point whether or not someone else needs the device to enter - the server’s are very busy at this time and it’s easier for you and everyone else if you pay later on. You can then return and login again later at to add items from the store, checkout, and pay online before the payment deadline. Payment can be made online via credit card (VISA or Mastercard) using secure verification supplied by DPS/Payment Express.

  7. Payment is by credit card via a secure site. If you prefer to pay via Paypal or direct credit (NZ residents only) please contact the race secretary.

  8. If another runner wishes to enter once your entry has been submitted you will need to logout and login with their account and go to the Entry forms page.

  9. When payment has been received by us, your reserved entry will become confirmed. Funds and details must reach our account by 12 midnight (New Zealand time) 10 days after online entries open to secure your reserved place. Payment is therefore due by Tuesday 17th July 2018 for entries on Saturday 7th July.

  10. On submit for waitlisted entries your place will be held in the queue. If a place becomes available you will receive an email from the entry system with an accept invitation link. To confirm your place, login to your account, follow the link and make payment before the payment deadline (normally within 10 days of your invitation).

  11. A confirmation email will be sent to you at each step and once we have received all aspects of your entry. Please check your spam folder if it looks like you didn't receive an email and be aware that they make take a little time to reach you.

  12. Please ensure you keep your email address up to date in your account and with the race secretary to ensure you receive any emails from us.

  13. Online entries will close when the event and waitlist are full. Merchandise will still be available via our entries website for a period of time.

Our entries site is secure so your information will be kept safe. We will not share your details with any third party other than as part of the event process.

Your email address will only be used to send race information to runners in this year’s event, or for advance warning of future events.