Training programme 3

Keith Cullen has run several Kepler events and the Coast to Coast.

This is the way I train and it seems to work for me.
Regards, Keith


Day Training type
1Long day
3Rest day
5Half long day
1 hour


  1. Training days only twice a week.
  2. Recovery days 4 times a week.
  3. Must have rest day each week.
  4. Intensity level should be at less than 70% of heart rate reserve, i.e. not puffing, able to hold a conversation in full sentences.
  5. Better still, buy a heart rate monitor!
  6. You can do a lot on a bike. A bike will aid recovery and allow you to build volume without the risk of injury and overtraining.
  7. The long day builds gradually to 100%+ of your expected event time
  8. If you can't do the time, you are going too fast. Slow Down! Walking is OK.
  9. Carry a pack. Drink while you exercise. Snack on Carbos. i.e. Gingernuts, Muesli bars, Banana, Dried fruit, Jet Planes, Leppin, whatever suits you, while training. You need to accustom your body to refuel on the go.
  10. Don’t skip the recovery days. They are just as important!
  11. Practise running down hill. It's the downhill that hurts you.
  12. Stretch. Get some professional advice!
  13. Don’t worry if you miss a day. Vary your training to suit your own circumstances.
  14. Enjoy!