Fresh Choice Kepler Challenge 2017

June Newsletter

Welcome back runners. We expect you’ve been looking for further challenges in 2017 and we have just the one for you!

The Kepler Challenge Organising Committee has been hard at work already, hoping to make the 30th anniversary Fresh Choice Kepler Challenge event another great one!  The date is set for the Saturday the 2nd of December 2017.

Registration for the event.

You will need to get your Kepler Account sorted via our website's entry page.

Even if you have a Kepler Account - there are still some compulsory details that need to be updated before your account is valid for entry.

If you have an account already (if you ran last year), just check your account is up to date.  We need to know if anything has changed, specifically medical conditions, runners profiles and commentary notes.

How to update?

Log into your account.  Click on the 'edit' tab, then on 'runner details'.  Check all of your details are up to date.  The compulsory update fields are towards the bottom of the page.

Remeber to SAVE, then you are done!