The 2012 most improved

After the prize giving it was discovered there was an error in the name given for the most improved male runner. Two runners with very similar details were unfortunately thought to be one and the same.

So, with an improvement of 1:48:41 over his previous recorded time in 2006, the 2012 Good Planets are Hard to Find – Don’t Blow It prize for the most improved time goes to Dave Candy of Christchurch. This is a cash prize of $500.

Our apologies to Dave for not announcing this at the prize giving and we'd like to wish him a huge congratulations and well done!

The female most improved was Elisha May who ran 10:12:09 in 2009 and 7:58:49 in 2012. This gives an improvement of 2:13:20. So our congratulations to her too.