2017 Charity Challenge

Apply Now!

The Te Anau Community has always been behind the Kepler Challenge event and in 2008 the event organizing committee came up with a novel idea to assist Te Anau in a unique way.

With a limited number of participants each year, competitors are often in limbo on waiting lists and can miss out on the opportunity to run in this stunning event.  In fact some years, the entries have sold out in just minutes!

To help the competitors and the community, it was decided that 15 places every event would be set aside as guaranteed entry.  At a cost of $1000.00 each, the runners would know that their place was secure.  Ant that their entry fee would be donated to the community that makes this event possible each year.

It is now Charity Challenge time again and the organizing committee would like to ask for applications. 

If you are a local community organization, or a runner keen to secure your entry, head to our website to get details.


All “entries” need to be emailed to our race secretary – info@keplerchallenge.co.nz


Applications close on the 2nd of June for the Community funding.

Kepler Runner