Kepler Challenge Charitable Trust Funding Application


The first Kepler Challenge Event was organised by locals and held in 1988. The Kepler Challenge Mountain Run Trust was formed ten years later in 1998. This was to provide financial and other protection to the organising committee, volunteers and competitors as well as allow the event to be registered with the charities commission as a trust. As a charitable trust, the main purposes of the trust are:

  • To run both the Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt events
  • To promote Te Anau and Fiordland as a destination
  • To promote physical activity and community involvement through the event
  • To undertake pest trapping and conservation around the Kepler Track
  • To utilise funds to donate to local events and projects.

As in 2015, the Kepler Challenge Mountain Run Trust wishes to donate up to $20,000 to local events or projects.  In 2015, the full amount of $20,000 was donated to the Fiordland Trails Trust to assist in completion of stage one of their Te Anau to Manapouri cycle trail.

It is possible that one single event or project will be funded, however applications for amounts smaller than the full $20,000 are welcomed. These monies are in addition to the annual monies distributed as part of the “Kepler Challenge Charity Challenge”. This is where up to 15 spaces are reserved for runners who wish to pay $1000 to guarantee their place in the Kepler Challenge.  In 2016 a donation of $8000 was made to the Flite Trampoline Incorporated in order to purchase a new crash mat. The remainder of the monies ($5000) was donated to the Te Anau Scout Group to provide them with a “hardship fund” which will assist members of the group to attend camps and trips when it may not have been otherwise possible.

Projects will be assessed by the trust on the way in which they intend to contribute to some or all of the following values:

  • The promotion of Te Anau and Fiordland as a destination
  • The promotion of physical activity in the Te Anau basin
  • Developing facilities and services for the community in the Te Anau Basin
  • Promote conservation activities and education in the Te Anau basin

Funding application guidance notes

1. Outline the nature and purpose of your project

Please include where able the following information:

  • How does your project align with the criteria outlined above?
  • Who will directly benefit from completion of your project and how?
  • When is the proposed start and expected completion date of your project?
  • How much work is expected to be undertaken by volunteers and how much by paid contractors/professionals?
  • What outcomes or benefits will determine the success of your project?

2. Project Expenses

Please include expected costs for your project (attach formal quotes where possible)

  • Does your organisation have outstanding funding applications pending?
  • What are the expected ongoing costs of your project i.e. maintenance?

3. Other

Additional information should include:

  • Who is involved in the project and who is the best contact person to make any further enquiries to?
  • Please attach any relevant minutes from meetings regarding your project.
  • What are the current levels of support and interest regarding your project?

4. Declaration of authenticity

Applications must include a signature and declaration that all information given on the application is true and accurate to the best of your ability.

Sign:_______________ Date:________

Please email completed application and related information to

All applications for 2016 must be received by Fri 30th September 2016 at 8pm