Charity Challenge

The Kepler Challenge is and always has been a community-run event. In 1998, the Kepler Challenge Mountain Run Trust was formed giving the event charitable status. As part of the Trust’s ongoing commitment to the local Fiordland Community, 20 spaces have been set aside for a Charity Challenge.

For $1,000 per person, 20 Charity Challengers can obtain a guaranteed space in the Kepler Challenge prior to general entries opening in July.

How do I enter as a Charity Challenge runner?

Charity Challenge runner spots can be applied for on the first Saturday in June every year.  The first 20 people to register their interest in being a Charity Challenge runner with our Race Secretary ( will receive a guaranteed entry into the FreshChoice Kepler Challenge.  Places are awarded on a first come first served basis and after registering your interest you will be asked to take the following steps:

  • set up an EventPlus account
  • provide the relevant information requested
  • arrange for the payment of $1,000 within the timeframe specified.

Where does the Charity Challenge money go?

Every year, local community groups are invited to apply for up to $20,000 for their cause. The Trust has a clear set of guidelines by which funding decisions are made. Click here to see examples of where the money from the Charity Challenge has gone in previous years.

As soon as the Charity Challenge funds for this year have been allocated we will let you know who the successful applicants are.