Organising Committee

The Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt are organised by a small group of volunteers known as the Organising Committee. Selected from the local community, committee members have a range of diverse skills and talents from nature guiding to accounting, from marketing to policing and everything in between.

Every member of the Organising Committee has their own role to play as well as working collectively to achieve the event’s mission:

“to organise an exemplary annual event that challenges runners of all abilities, that supports and is supported by the community and encourages lifelong appreciation of Fiordland’s natural environment. The event will provide ongoing social, economic and physical benefits for the Fiordland community”.

Current members of the Organising Committee include:

But the event would not be possible without the dedication and passion of the hundreds of locals who get in behind the organising committee to make the Kepler Challenge the community-run event that it is.