Community Funding

The Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt are run as not-for-profit activities. This means that event surpluses, and funds raised through the Charity Challenge, are invested back into the community making the Kepler Challenge a unique event.

What community projects have been funded?

Over the last ten years, the Kepler Challenge Mountain Run Trust has invested over $200,000 into the Te Anau community for a range of projects from trampolining equipment to cricket nets, from cycle trails to all-weather clothing for Kids Restore the Kepler.

This is the Trust’s way of saying thank you to everyone within the local community who gets behind the Kepler Challenge to make it a special weekend for the runners and their supporters.

Examples of projects and community groups funded

  • Manapouri Swimming Pool
  • Fiordland Trails Trust for the cycle trail between Te Anau and Manapouri
  • Te Anau Cricket for new nets
  • Te Anau community bus to help purchase a vehicle for transporting people to hospital appointments.
  • Fiordland Community swimming pool for renovations to the swimming pool.
  • Flite Trampoline Inc. for equipment.
  • Te Anau Scouts towards their new building.
  • Te Anau Primary School for the construction of an outdoor classroom.
  • Fiordland Conservation Trust for all-weather clothing for Kids Restore the Kepler
  • Te Anau Bowls Club toward the building of a new indoor bowling area.
  • Fiordland St John for essential equipment
  • Fiordland Health Trust towards an integrated health centre in Te Anau
  • Te Anau junior rugby strip.

How can our group apply for funding?

If you are a community group within the Fiordland community here’s what you need to do:

  • funding rounds are announced once or twice a year in local media.
  • check the criteria against which applications will be assessed.
  • download the application form here.
  • send your completed application form to by the deadline.

Funding criteria

Groups applying for funding are assessed against the following criteria:
Projects contribute to some or all of the following values:

  • the promotion of Te Anau and Fiordland as a destination
  • the promotion of physical activity in the Fiordland area
  • the promotion of conservation activities and education in the Fiordland area
  • the development of facilities and services for the community in the Fiordland area.