Compulsory Gear

Taking on the Kepler Challenge or the Luxmore Grunt is not something that runners do lightly. The nature of the terrain along the track ranges from beech covered valleys to the high alpine section. The weather can add an extra degree of difficulty as well as unpredictability. For this reason your safety is paramount to us and we do not take that lightly. Years of experience have shown us the value of having a set of compulsory gear for all runners – no exceptions

Kepler Challenge

For those of you running the Kepler Challenge the following gear MUST be carried or worn by you at all times during the event:

  • TWO thermal long-sleeved tops
  • ONE set of thermal long johns
  • ONE thermal hat
  • ONE pair of gloves
  • ONE seam-sealed windproof and water proof jacket
  • ONE pair of seam sealed windproof and waterproof overtrousers
  • Survival blanket
  • Official race number
  • Transponder (this will be allocated to you at registration)

Skins are not acceptable as an alternative to long-sleeved thermal tops or thermal long johns.

Luxmore Grunt

For those of you running the Luxmore Grunt the following gear MUST be carried or worn by you at all times during the event:

  • ONE seam-sealed windproof and waterproof jacket
  • ONE thermal hat
  • ONE pair of gloves
  • Official race number
  • Transponder

We also recommend that you wear or carry a thermal long-sleeved top and thermal long johns.

Compulsory Gear checks

Please bring your compulsory gear with you when you register for your event. You will only receive your race number and race pack once race officials have checked that you have all of the compulsory gear for your chosen event.

Your compulsory gear will again be checked on race day BEFORE you start your chosen event.

Checks will also be completed at Luxmore Hut. Anyone found not to be in possession of all items of compulsory gear will automatically be disqualified from the Kepler Challenge.

Finally, spot checks will be carried out at the Finish Line for both Kepler Challenge and Luxmore Grunt runners. Anyone found not to be carrying the compulsory gear will be disqualified.

Who decides what compulsory gear is acceptable?

Race officials at registration have years of experience of checking runners’ compulsory gear. If there is any doubt, a designated member of the organising committee has the final say on whether an item of clothing is acceptable.

REST ASSURED – we have strict requirements for compulsory gear for YOUR safety.

What if I forget a key item of compulsory gear?

DON’T WORRY! All items of compulsory gear are available for purchase in the registration hall at reasonable prices. We can also provide details of companies that hire out gear should you not wish to purchase items.