The FreshChoice Kepler Challenge event

The FreshChoice Kepler Challenge is held on the 60 km Kepler Track circuit. This year's race will be held on Saturday 1st December 2018.

An easy first 5.6 km to Brod Bay turns to a steady, well graded further 8.2 km climb to the Luxmore Hut at 1085m. This first section also forms the route for the sister race, the FreshChoice Luxmore Grunt. For the next 14.5 km an excellent track undulates across the tops, reaching an altitude of 1400m before the spectacular descent to Iris Burn hut. It then follows a 16 km journey down the Iris Burn to Motorau hut via Rocky Point. A 9.5 km stage along the Waiau River back to the Control Gates completes the course.

Some facts and figures

Total km's running uphill:

8.2 + 4.1 + 3.4 = 15.7km ascent

Total elevation running uphill:

1197m + 150m = 1350metres

Total km's running downhill:

1.5 + 16.2 + 4.5 = 22km descent

Total descent elevation:

1350 metres (same as above)

Other info:

The highest point is called the 'Luxmore Saddle'

There are 10 drink stations - see map

Race records


Martin Dent
4:33:37 (2013) Martin broke the 8 year old record set by Phil Costley


Zelah Morrall 5:23:34 (2003) a new race record twice in a row!