Kepler Challenge

The Track

The Kepler Challenge takes place on the Kepler Track within the Fiordland National Park. The course is 60km long with a good mix of flat sections, steep uphill climbs and knee-jarring descents. The total amount of ascent and descent across the whole course is 1350m.

As part of the Kepler Challenge, there is compulsory gear that you must have and conditions of entry you must meet to take part in the challenge.

The profile below gives a good overview of what you can expect along the 60km track.

Race Profile (Download)

The Kepler Track is one of DOC’s Great Walks. It is clearly marked, well graded and easy to follow. For more information about the Kepler Track check out the DOC website.

The course can be broken down into six stages as follows:

Track Stages

Stage Distance Climb Difficulty
1 5.6 km 15m 1
2 8.2 km 1000m 3
3 14.6 km 400m-800m 5
4 16.2 km 200m 2
5 6.06 km 50m 1
6 9.5 km 20m 1


There are eleven checkpoints, including the finish line, along the Kepler Track and these are marked on the profile map above with a triangle. Each check point is manned by volunteers from the local community and offer the following provisions:

  • Water
  • Pure Sports Nutrition Electrolytes
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Clif Bars at  Brod Bay, Luxmore Hut, Iris Burn, Moturau Hut, and Rainbow Reach
  • Lollies (jet planes or jellybeans)
  • Crisps

First aid equipment and radio communications are available at every checkpoint in the event of an emergency.

The track map below provides an overview of the course along with the location of the checkpoints and toilet facilities.


Toilet facilities are available at all of the checkpoints (except at the 5km and 2.4kms to go checkpoints). Please note that, due to track upgrades, the toilets at Rainbow Reach are approx. 200m from the checkpoint. Some toilets may be long drops.

If you do get caught short anywhere else along the Kepler Track please make sure that you go to the toilet well off the track and that you bury your waste.


Your safety is paramount to us. Years of experience have shown us the value of having a set of compulsory gear for all runners – no exceptions! All runners are also required to wear a transponder. There are transponder readers at the following checkpoints:

  • Luxmore Hut
  • Forest Burn shelter
  • Hanging Valley shelter
  • Iris Burn Hut
  • Rocky Point
  • Moturau Hut
  • 5 km from the finish line.

Your supporters can follow your live progress via the results page.


Reusable cups

To help keep Fiordland National Park rubbish-free, there will be no disposable cups at the checkpoints along the Kepler Track. Please bring your own reusable cup or you can purchase one at registration.

Kepler Challenge Prizes and Race Records

Completing your own personal challenge is reward in itself, but for the more competitive among you, click below to see the range of prizes on offer and the current race records.