With limited fields of 450 for the Kepler Challenge and 200 for the Luxmore Grunt, the events are generally oversubscribed.

We do understand that being on the waitlist can be tough and maintaining your motivation to train is not easy. If your name appears on the waitlist and a place in your chosen event becomes available, you will receive an email inviting you to accept your place.

When are the waitlists published?

Waitlists will be available as soon as possible after entry day (usually within 48hrs)

Where can I find the waitlists?

The waitlists will be published on our website (below) as soon as they are available.

Most recent waitlist:

The Kepler Challenge 

The Luxmore Grunt 

What are my chances of getting a place?

There is no definitive answer as every year is different. Often there is a flurry of withdrawals before the 75% cancellation fee in early October and a few weeks prior to event weekend. Also many people on the waitlists withdraw so you may move up the list over time.

The latest date by which people on the waitlists are likely to be invited to take up a place on either the Kepler Challenge or Luxmore Grunt is 48 hours before the start of the event.

No longer wish to be on the waitlist?

If you no longer wish to remain on the waitlists please let us know as soon as possible as other people are keen to move up the list! Email us at info@keplerchallenge.co.nz.

The waitlists are updated regularly with the names and current positions of people on the waitlists.