Whether you are an elite runner or attempting your first Kepler Challenge, nutrition, just like training, is something you should be planning for. Choosing the right food and hydration is a complex issue and comes down to personal taste. Having a good nutrition plan will help you to get the most out of your training and make completing the Kepler Challenge a more enjoyable experience – one your body will be thankful for!!

Our partners Pure Sports Nutrition have a lot of experience in providing nutrition products and advice for runners in all kinds of events. Rather that repeat everything here, why don’t you check out:

Advice on putting together a nutrition plan to suit your needs (

Kepler Specific Nutrition Plan from PURE Nutrition in partnership with Conrad Goodhew.

Race Day Nutrition from PURE Nutrition in partnership with Conrad Goodhew.


Staying hydrated whilst training and on race day is extremely important. Everybody is different so it is important, whilst training, that you work out what fluids your body needs. Too little, and conversely too much, water can lead to problems. Again Pure Sports Nutrition has done the hard yards and offers good advice on  keeping hydrated during training and on race day. Check out “Hydration 101” at


The checkpoints around the course offer the following provisions:

  • water
  • Pure Sports Nutrition hydration product
  • bananas
  • muesli bars
  • lollies (jet planes or jelly beans)


With so much focus on training and race day, it is easy to forget about recovery. Post-race nutrition can help your muscles recover better and give you the energy you need to celebrate having completed the Kepler Challenge! Check out Marewa’s advice at